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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- High School Kids Are Better Than Philip Rivers Edition

IX-Former Steeler Pat Brady passed away yesterday at the age of 81.  Brady played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for three seasons in the 1950's and led the league in punting average in two of those seasons.  He was a member of the Steelers' 50th anniversary team in 1982 and was also a member of the "Legands Team" for the Steelers' 75th anniversary.  Brady also set an NCAA record while playing for the University of Neveda, Reno for longest punt at 99 yards which can never be broken.

X-The Pittsburgh Steelers organization continues to rack up awards and honors for their performance during the 2008 season when they won their record sixth Super Bowl title.  The most recent honor went to the Steelers team physician, Dr. Anthony Yates, who received the Jerry "Hawk" Rhea award for outstanding team physician in the NFL.  John Norwig, head athletic trainer for the Steelers had this to say about Yates:

"The bottom line about Tony Yates is that he treats all the athletes with their best interest in mind and has a 'leave no stone unturned' attitude toward patient care, He is not just our team physician but an integral part of the Steeler family."

XIII-The Baltimore Ravens have signed Terrell Suggs to a long term contract worth an estimated 63 million dollars over six seasons with around 38 million dollars being guaranteed. WOW!  Everyone's favorite rumor monger makes a case that Suggs deal is actually better than Albert Haneyswoth's huge deal from earlier this offseason.

XIV-Many of you have probably heard about the college basketball player who dunked on LeBron James last week. Even though LeBron's camp confiscated the tape and won't let it see the light of day it has been all the buzz around the internet.  Philip Rivers did Lebron one better, not only did he allow a tape of him getting beat leak out, he got beat by a high school kid.  (Courtesy of Shutdown Corner)

XL-Best quote of the offseason goes to Santonio Holmes from this article from the Tribune Review regarding the ESPY's and the different Steelers who are nominated.  In the article Santonio talks about how much his life has changed since winning the Super Bowl MVP and how many different events he was nominated for.  Here's the Qoute:

"I did Jay Leno and Regis and Kelly and '106th and Park' (on BET). I had an invite to the BET Awards. I had an invite to the Grammys. I was out there around that time, but I chose not to go," Holmes said. "That's not the lifestyle I live. I play football."

XLIII-Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponnies is not impressed with Lamar Woodley's fashion sense.  Since Lamar Woodley could crush me into a bloody pulp I will stay out of the discussion.