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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Lavar Arrington Is A Steeler Fan Edition

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IX-According to a random sample of players from the AFC North Ben Roethlisberger was overwhelmingly voted the best quarterback in the division, and James Harrison was voted the toughest player in the division by a small margin over Ray Lewis.  The entire survey that was conducted by James Walker  and was completely anonymous, but  I would be really intrigued to find out which players he asked, just to see what they really think.

X-Former Pittsburgh area high school standout, Penn State star, and Washington Redskin pro-bowler Lavar Arrington is getting his own radio show in the D.C. area and recently did an interview with "The Sports Junkies."  In the interview Arrington (Part 1, & Part 2) made it clear that he grew up rooting for the Steelers and still does along with rooting for the Pirates and all things Pittsburgh.

XIII-Steelers tight end Matt Spaeth is frequently criticized by community members at Behind the Steel Curtain for his lack of ability to run after the catch and especially for his lack of blocking skills.  Perhaps Mr. Spaeth should of spent some time reading the harsh criticism by the fans at BTSC, because he has chosen to attend a receiving camp run by Larry Fitzgerald with Chis Carter and Jerry Rice helping to school the younger players.  Shouldn't Spaeth be at the camp run by Anthony Munoz and Dermonttri Dawson?

XIV-Spoiler Alert:  If you don't want to find out if the Steelers won any ESPY awards from ESPN, stop reading NOW. The ESPY awards will be show on ESPN for the first time this Sunday, hosted by Sam Jackson, but the actual awards were earlier this week.  The Steelers did bring home two awards one for best play (Santonio and Ben's epic pass) and also best game (Superbowl XLIII).  Sidney Crosby of the Penguins was also awarded best NHL player.

XL-Steelers Podcast that answers four questions:

  1. Can the Steelers beat the Pats in a Playoff game with Brady back?
  2. Will the Steelers Offense Improve in 2009?
  3. Are the Steelers being disrespected?
  4. Will the Running Game return in 2009?

XLIII-Check out Steelers Depot for information on Keyaron Fox's "Will of Steel" event coming up in Atlanta on July 25th.  The event is part of his aptly named foundation the Keyaron Fox Foundation.