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#2 Semifinal: Steelers Great Eight Heartbreak Tournament

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We posting both semifinals of the Steelers Great Eight Heartbreak Tournament. These are two separate posts since I don't know how to put two polls within the same post, so please be sure to vote for both. Voting is now over for the quarterfinals. Here are the four remaining seeds, the top four in fact, for you to review before voting:

Seed #1: 1972 - Dolphins 21, Steelers 17

Seed #2: 1995 - Cowboys 27, Steelers 17

Seed #3: 1994 - Chargers 17, Steelers 13

Seed #4: 2001 - Patriots 24, Steelers 17

Remember, we are trying to be fair to all of these games equally and not give the advantage to more recent games that obviously invoke better memory. Thus, use your personal experience when possible, and then project yourself into those games you did not experience. We are asking you to place yourself in Steeler Nation as a whole during the time when each game was played.