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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Polamalu Is Wicked Smart Edition

IX- According the the players of the AFC North the smartest player in the division is non other than the Tasmanian Devil himself, Troy PolamaluRavens safety Ed Reed was overwhelmingly chosen as the all around best player in the division with James Harrison and Polamalu tied for second.  If you don't think the AFC North is a defensively driven division, consider that no offensive player received a vote for best player from the 32 AFC North players surveyed.

X-ESPN the magazine did a feature on the Ultimate Franchise.  The L.A. Angles came in first place, but the Pittsburgh Steelers were the only NFL team to make the top ten, coming in third.  The rankings take into account multiple areas including ticket prices, coaching, ownership, players, and titles won, among other factors.  It's a pretty cool little concept and worth a read.

XIII-Bill Cowher is...Sgt. Slaughter.

XIV-- Here's a pod-cast on the Steelers for you to feast your ears upon.  Fact:  I have not listened to the pod-cast so I cannot actually comment if it is any good or not, so please don't blast me if it stinks.

XL-One for the Other Thumb has lots of information and apparently a love for Kindergarten Cop as much as I.  He points you in the direction of a link about Mike Tomlin calling out Ravens' rookie Michael Oher, who stated earlier in the offseason that he wanted to do everything in his power to beat the Steelers.

XLIII-;Another outlook on the Steelers for the 2009 season, this time courtesy of The Sporting News.  I'm bored with these, when the hell does the season start?