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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Big Ben; And Believe It Or Not Other Steeler News Edition

X-What if Hines Ward had played for a pass happy team in the NFL?  BTSC community member WolfPackSteelersFan did some research and posted his findings over at his newly renamed blog, "Checking the Numbers."  The results of his statistical observations are not surprising and the do show evidence that if Ward played with a team that threw the ball like an Average NFL team, he would more than likely have over 10,000 yards already.

X-Our fearless leader Blitzburgh's book from Maple Street Press is still available for purchase through their website.  It is a must have for any Steeler junkie and is a great companion piece to this website.  More proof that Blitzburgh is running the best Steeler website in the universe is that yesterday he was asked to write a piece for the Washington Post on the Big Ben situation.

XIII-Yesterday Behind the Steel Curtain had a record number of site visitors, sadly it was more to do with the ugly incident with Ben Roethlisberger than actual football insight and analysis that we try hard to promote.  We all tend to give Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk a hard time for his rumor mongering but I would suggest if you are interested in this case to follow his site closely and his companion work at The Sporting News.  (This Article from him, is very interesting and thorough.)  In the interest of saving people time from trying to locate the different key pieces of information, here is the PDF of the actual document from the Post Gazette, and here is the picture of the accuser, and OFTOT has some quality analysis along with a solid photo-shop.

XIV-The sale of the Pittsburgh Steelers is almost complete with two of the five brothers selling all 16 percent of their shares in the organization and two others selling half of their shares.  The sale should close in the next few weeks according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

XL-If you were planning on attending the Steelers game against the Kansas City Cheifs in arrowhead stadium this season you better get ready to spend double the purchase price.  The Cheifs have decided to make all customers who buy single game tickets to the game against the Steelers on November 22, purchase an equal value ticket to the Cheifs and Texans preseason game.  The Cheifs are also using the same tactic to increase ticket sales for preseason games when they face the Cowboys this upcoming season. has an article on the Top Ten Steeler prospects. I would probably disagree with labeling Lamar Woodley a prospect, since he is fairly proven after a decent rookie season and a phenominal second year.  But,  it's an interesting look at the players that the Steelers still have in development to take over as they turn from a team made up players from the Bill Cowher era into a team completely developed with talent selected through the Mike Tomlin regime.