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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Ben Roethlisberger Press Confrence At 2pm Edition

IX-The Steelers are expecting record crowds for the 2009 training camp being held at St. Vincent College for the 43rd straight season.  A third practice field has been added to help spread out the expected record crowd.  According to the Post Gazette the monks at St. Vincent College wrote Dan Rooney a letter after the Super Bowl telling Rooney congratulations and that the monks had been praying for the Steelers.  In response Dan Rooney had the following to say:

"You're not off the hook yet. Keep them praying"

X-As SteeladyinVA mentioned in her fan post, Ben Roethlisberger will host a press conference at 2pm today.  He is expected to address the allegations made by Andrea McNulty, but will not take any questions.  UPDATE: Here is a link to the video from and below is a copy of the transcript from ESPN's AFC North's James Walker.

"I did not sexually assault Andrea McNulty. Saturday was the first that I learned of her accusations. Her false and vicious allegations are an attack on my family and on me. I would never, ever force myself on a woman. I want to fight to protect my family and my reputation. I'm not going to discuss my private life or this civil case in the media. I'll respond to her outrageous allegations in the appropriate forum. I have an obligation to our fans, to my teammates, to my coaches and everyone in the organization to remain focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I will do that. The allegations against me are reckless and false. As much as I'd like to answer everyone's questions, I'm going to respect the legal process and I am confident that the truth will prevail. Thank you."

XIII-Bruce Arians is helping out an old friend and former colleague who is going through a liver transplant this summer.  Although Arians hasn't coached with his friend, Spencer Prescott, in over 25 years he feels it's important to help the Prescott through his difficult time.  Arians recently beat prostate cancer, so he has a frame of reference in dealing with health struggles.

XIV-ESPN AFC North looks at training camp for each team in the AFC North.  In the article James Walker states, "Although the coaching staff won't admit it, few teams need training camp and the preseason less than Pittsburgh."  I doubt Mike Tomlin feels that way and think he would give Walker a few killer quotes about why this group of men needs to come out stronger than ever from the 2009 training camp.

XL-James Farrior had one of his best seasons last year despite weighing as little as 218 pounds during parts of the season.  For some perspective on how small 218 pounds is for an inside linebacker, consider that saftey Troy Polamalu weighs only about 10 pounds more than that.  This year Farrior has been bulking up in the offseason and looks to come to training camp with a few extra pounds to keep his weight consistently heavier than last season.

XLIII-Steelers Gab, and Gridiron Gab caught up with Steelers linebacker Keyaron Fox for an interview that you can listen to below.