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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- NFL Draft In Prime Time Edition

IX-The NFL Draft will be held for the first time ever in prime time.  The 2010 version will start on Thursday night with the first round starting at 7:30pm, and the second and third rounds resuming on Friday evening during prime time at 6:30pm.  The final four rounds will start early on Saturday morning and continue throughout the day.  Consider my wife Pissed!

X-YeOldeMexFan, The_Nation_In_Mexico and other BTSC'ers from south of the boarder can rejoice as the Steelers will now be able to be heard on the radio in Mexico City. This will make them the third team to have an agreement with a Mexican radio company.  According to ESPN the two most popular teams in the NFL across the Mexican boarder are the Dallas Cowboys.

XIII-I participated in another round of One for the Other Thumbs' almost weekly segment entitled "Meeting People Is Easy" where he asks random questions to random people and a competition for the most asinine answers ensues.  I really think I had a solid week of answers and probably will win the prize for greatest ever "Meeting People Is Easy award" that I just made up.

XIV-In the Ben Roethlisberger news of the day here is an article from the Post Gazette on how the big casinos and resorts treat their V.I.P. guests like Roethlisberger.  Also much debate went into the science of body language after Ben's press conference yesterday.  Rather than us knuckle heads at BTSC debating it, why don't we see what the experts have to say.  For one more perspective on the case, and a female one at that here is the thoughts of BTSC community member Steelergurl.

XL-Alan Faneca says he has no hard feelings toward the Steelers after they chose to part ways with him before last season.  Scott Brown of the Tribune Review states that after the phone conversation he had with Faneca that he feels if and when Alan goes into the Hall of Fame, it will be as a Steeler.

XLIII-And for the random stupid move of the week we will look at Steve Spurrier who is apologizing for leaving Tim Tebow (The Virgin), off the all SEC ballot. (He was the only coach in the division to do so). Spurrier also admits that he didn't even bother to take the time to fill out the ballot but rather delegated the work to someone else and then signed off on it.  After all that laziness he picked up the phone and changed his vote.