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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Monday Evening Edition

IX- Am I just imagining it or has Santonio Holmes been the most vocal Steeler this offseason by a long shot?  The Super Bowl XLIII MVP has more to say with the Tribune Review in a recent article.  Holmes says he knows the Steelers offseason is run-oriented and that he has to make the best out of every opportunity that the is given in the Steelers "run-first" offense.

X-While the Steelers don't have too many holes to fill coming off their 6th Super Bowl championship they do head into training camp with at least a few questions.  Yesterdays' edition of the Post Gazette ranks the top 5 questions the Steelers face heading into training camp that starts this week.  My biggest questions is what will Rashard "Deliscious" Mendenhall contribute to the Steelers this season?  What about you?

XIII-If you haven't heard; Michael Vick has been conditionally re-instated by the NFL.  As of the now Vick is free to sign with any team, attend training camps, practices,  and play in the last two preseason games. After the start of the regular season he will be evaluated for reinstatement by week 6 of the 2010 season.  My Guess is he signs with the St. Louis Cardinals Rams and is their starting QB by the end of the season.

XIV-Ike Taylor is blazing fast, and I would have to think he is the fastest man on the team and probably the fastest man on a few NFL teams.  Taylor ran a 4.26 40 yard dash just they other day at the Wide World of Sports Complex in Walt Disney World.  If Taylor can exhibit the same type of play over the next few season he has to be considered one of our best draft steal of recent memory.

XL-Peter King concludes even if the Steelers win the Super Bowl, they would not be the team of the decade.  (And yes, I realize team of the decade is a made-up award, not an actual one).   He basically implies that the Steelers would need to have a undefeated type season to grab the throne of team of the decade.

XLIII-For those of you old enough to remember Nike is releasing two sneakers to honor Bo Jackson and his legendary status in video games like Tecmo Bowl.  The one set of shoes is refereed to as the "Tecmo Bo"  and features an 8 bit rendering of Jackson on the tongue of the shoe.  For an idea on the true dominance that Bo Jackson had in the classic nintendo game Tecmo Bowl, check out this video below where Bo Jackson scores a 99 yard touchdown and eats an entire quarter off the clock.