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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Santonio Holmes Makes A Catch On A Tightrope Edition

IX-If you wonder what types of training Santonio Holmes does to make those amazing toe-tapping catches like the one he made at the end of Super Bowl XLIII, you don't have to look any further.  BTSC has scored some amazing video from Reebok that shows his unique practice methods.

X-The worst beating that the Pittsburgh Steelers faced all of last year was given at the hands of former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson when the Eagles sacked Ben Roethlisberger eight times.   Johnson was a master coach and from all accounts I have read, a stand up guy.  Sadly yesterday he passed away yesterday at the age of 68 from cancer just days after Sean McDermott was named his full time successor.   For more information on his passing check out the SBNation site Bleeding Green Nation.

XIII-I will be in attendance for the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp on August 7th and 8th to get the inside scoop on how the Steelers look in person this year.  Anyone else who is going that weekend or all of training camp should be aware that Latrobe is full of potholes.  Just ask Lawrence Timmons who complains about it in his new blog post on his website.  He says last year the potholes were so bad they messed up the front end of his car.

XIV-A rare free article from BTSC's favorite beat writer Jim Wexell over at  Wexell goes over some of the big questions heading into training camp including Ben Roethlisberger's weight.  Wexell said Ben looked a little pudgy during the offseason while golfing and cites it as a pretty big concern.  He also says he expects Justin Hatwig to miss little time with the broken bone in his foot, but thinks it could effect the bigger picture of who will be the Steelers center beyond 2009.

XL-Behind the Steel Curtain community member Steelergurl has a new look for her site, and it posting a few article in time for her visit to Steelers Training Camp.  She first took a look at Ziggy Hood's ability to possibly allow the Steeler to mix in a nasty 4-3 subset of the 3-4 with his athleticism and size.

XLIII-In response to all the media types trying to shove Michael Vick into the Steelers laps many are saying that you are off your rocker if you think the Steelers are going to sign Michael Vick.  Mondessi's House gives 10 solid reasons why the Steelers won't sign the former Falcon's quarterback.