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Calling All Campers

The 2009 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers is officially upon us. Training camp in Latrobe, PA is set to kick off at St. Vincent's College for the 43rd consecutive year. Being that I'm in Seattle for graduate school, I regretfully must say I won't be taking in any sessions at camp. That's where you potentially come in. If you have plans to attend one or more sessions this year and feel like sharing your experience with the ever-growing community here at BTSC, I'd be very much interested in working with you on posting your report(s) here for all of us to enjoy. Feel free of course to just write a fanpost or fanshot with your photos, thoughts, notes, etc from camp, but if you'd like to do something slightly more 'formal', definitely holler at me and let's talk. Much obliged in advance. - Blitz - (Michael B.)

P.S. If you are providing updates via Twitter about training camp, please use the following hashtag before your tweet:  #latrobe09  This will allow us to quickly access all updates. You can find the official BTSC Twitter account at: @btsteelcurtain and my personal account at: @mfb83