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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Who Is Isaac Redman Edition?

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IX-The Friday Night practice came and went and the much anticipated goal-line drill was nowhere to be found.  Mike Tomlin instead decided to practice the goal-line drill on Sunday afternoon for the family day practice.  According to Jim Wexell it was not Frank "the Tank" Summers, Rashard Mendenhall, or Carey Davis that looked the best, but rather Isaac Redman, and un-drafted free agent from Bowie State who made the biggest impression after he converted both of his attempts.  Frank Summers was stuffed twice and broke through once, and Rashard Mendenhall failed to gain ground on both of his attempts.  The Tribune Review also did an article summarizing the days activities.

X-Here is a list from Tailgate365 on their opinion of what the all AFC All North Team should look like. The list is pretty solid although the inclusion of Carson Palmer over Ben Roethlisberger to me is foolish.   It's sad when even some Steeler fans can't look past the stats and see that Ben wins games regardless of whether he throws 5 touchdowns or Zero, he will find a way to make a positive impact on the game and put his team in a position to win games more than any other quarterback in the league.

XIII-Last week I was featured in an article on the Good Point Blog about the 3-4 defense, the wild-cat, and Dick LeBau.  The interview was conducted by Andrew Bucholtz from Sporting Madness, and he posted the entire interview on his website that can be viewed here.  There is nothing really groundbreaking in the article but it might be a decent read for those of you who can't get enough Steeler football during the offseason.

XIV- Here is another training camp report from the Tribune Review which highlights.  The article goes over some of the past days progress specifically Daniel Sepluvada who by all accounts has looked great so far this training camp.  The article also mentions that they other kicker in Camp Piotr Czech kicked a 60 yard field goal on Sunday afternoon to a large ovation by the crowd.

XL-Those of you who were around to remember the 1995 Super Bowl loss may be able to relate to some of these memories from coaches and player from the Arizona Cardinals about their experience in Super Bowl XLIII.  The most brutal sports memory from when I was a kid was actually the 1992 NLCS Pirates and Braves game, where Sid Bream "avoided" the tag of catcher Mike LaValliere.  What are you most brutal sport loss memories either with Professional sports of playing sports growing up?

XLIII-Their hasn't been too much reporting on how the loss of Dan Rooney is affecting the team this training camp.  It does seem like the team and organization are moving along without Dan Rooney's presence for the first time in 47 years.  Although most reports indicate their is a general feeling that both the Steelers and Rooney are missing each other.  I think Mike Tomlin puts its best:

"I'm missing him, but I'm sure he's missing us a little more.