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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Comeback Victories Edition

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IX-Many times on Behind the Steel Curtain we have tried to discuss the fourth quarter and game winning drive statistic that is occasionally thrown around by broadcasters during NFL games.  Frequently the debate goes along and then we realize that their is basically nobody that keeps a complete record of that stat throughout the NFL.  Pro Football Reference has really done a great job of breaking down these stats for the top game winning drive quarterbacks.  Part I discusses why some of the stats that are generally printed for John Elway and Dan Marino are misleading and Part II really delves deep into how they have chosen to tabulate the stats and also shows what a great pace Ben Roethlisberger is on in terms of game winning drives and fourth quarter comebacks.

X-The Pittsburgh Tribune Review's John Harris wrote an article on "The Best Right Tackle in the NFL", Willie Colon.  It seems like from this report that Willie Colon is going to make enough money next season either from the Pittsburgh Steelers or the another team to change his last name.

XIII-Another debate that happened frequently this offseason in the BTSC community is whether or not it would be possible for Charlie Batch to be hired as a coach and then if a rash of injuries sprung up for them to activate him to the roster.  Well the answer has been given by the Philadelphia Eagles who activated their 31 year old "coaching intern" and quarterback Matt Nagy after back-up quarterback Kevin Kolb went down with an injury.  The problem is some league sources are complaining about the addition of Nagy, since it exposes the fact that the Eagles essentially had an extra man on their 81 man roster, especially since their are rumors that Nagy has been throwing passes in practice along with attending all team meetings.

[UPDATE]: The contract of Matt Nagy has been rejected by the league.  It's still not 100% clear on the reasoning.

XIV-For all of you out of market fans like me who are interested in how you will get to see the Steelers pre-season opener vs the Arizona Cardinals you can check it out on ESPN live Thursday August 11th at 8pm, as well as few days later on Saturday, August 11th at 1pm on the NFL Network.  If you are out of market like me the NFL Network will be showing every preseason game for every team in the league at some point before the start of the regular season.

XL-ESPN's Chris Mortenson interviewed Hines Ward at training camp and I am posting the video below.  James Walker of ESPN also broke down training camp in his "training camp confidential" series.  Thanks to Steelguy99 for the heads' up on this story.

XLIII- In a fanpost yesterday morning tmccoy posted about undrafted rookie free agent Tyler Grisham and the Tribune Review also has a more in-depth report on his progress so far during the training camp.  I watched Grisham make a beautiful diving catch after he beat his cover man deep at training camp on Saturday.  Like the article says, although his measurables may not be top notch he did appear to have a certain set of football intangibles that are reminiscent of Hines Ward.  I have a hard time believing he will make the 53 man roster just due to the reality of the number of players the Steelers have competing for the spot, but it would certainly be a great story.  I am very excited to see him get a chance in the pre-season where I think he will really shine.