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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- The Power Of Steeler Nation Edition

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IX-If anyone ever asks you why you root so hard for the Pittsburgh Steelers and why you spend so much time worrying about the 53 man roster and debating for hours on BTSC, perhaps you should show them this story from  Sports and specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers have a certain knack for bonding people together and inspiring people to do great things.  The story is about a cancer survivor, Bob Zinski, that may have you crying by the time you are done.

X-The real credit for this story deserves to go to Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponnies who broke the pictures in January of this year. Now has provided more details eight months later.  It appears that the Pennsylvania State Police department might be in a little bit of trouble for an incident with the Pittsburgh Steelers that happened approximately three years ago. According to the paper a few Steelers players went onto a State Police firing range and we given assault weapons and somebody even thought it was a bright idea to take pictures of the whole mess. I don't think the Steelers have much of anything to  worry about because if anyone should get in trouble for this it seems to me that it will be the P.A. State Troopers, not the Steelers.

XIII-The Arizona Cardinals surprised almost everyone last year when they were just minutes away from winning Super Bowl XLIII in February.  While the Cardinals lost a few pieces on both their player personel and coaching staff they also added a few new players like Chris "Beenie" Wells, and former Steeler Bryant McFadden.  According to the Arizona Rebublic, McFadden is attempting to bring the Steelers swagger to the dessert.

XIV-Ohio State quarterback, and former Pittsburgh Area High School Star Terrelle Pryor has reportedly ran a "4.33" 40 yard dash according to the Ohio State coaching staff.  Pryor weighs in a 235 pounds and some including Yahoo's Dr. Saturday are skeptical of the results, considering only Darius Heyward-Bey ran a time that was faster at this years combine.  The kid must be eating small children if he weighs 235 pounds at 19 years old.

XL-Here is a video excerpt from Mike Tomlin's press conference yesterday after practice and specifically dealing with the pre-season match-up with the Arizona Cardinals this Thursday Evening.  For a full transcript of the press conference you can read it for free at Steel City Insider right here.

XLIII-With the Steelers matching up with the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow evening, the Steelers will not practice again until Saturday.  So here is one of the last training camp re-caps until Saturday hopefully it will hold you over until the kickoff of Steeler Football.  Anyone have a score prediction for the preseason opener?