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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- The Return Of The Six-Pack

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IX-Donovan Woods looks to make an impact on the Steelers this season as an Iniside Linebacker.  But did you know that Woods actually played Quarterback at Oklahoma State for his first two seasons and would transition to Safety later on in his college career.  Donovan Woods went undrafted last season at least partially because NFL teams were confused as to what position he would play in the NFL.  Post Game Heroes broke down Woods' play during last weeks Cardinals preseason match-up.

X-Troy Polamalu's commercial for Coke Zero during Super Bowl XLIII was pretty popular with Steelers fans as well as casual football fans.  Somebody had a little bit of extra time on their hands and decided to re-create the commercial using Lego's.  I wonder if we will see a re-creation of the Mean Joe Green version or even perhaps a re-enactment of the Cambell's Chunky Soup Commercial with Big Ben.

XIII-When you look up the definition of the word curmudgeon in the dictionary you will see a picture of Ed Bouchette doing one of his Live Chats.  Here is a transcript from last weeks chat where surprise, surprise he made a much of sarcastic comments and shed little insight on the Steelers.

UPDATE- The father of Steelers Cornerback and special teams standout Anthony Madison passed away today.  From the entire BTSC community we wish his family the best in their time of mourning.

XIV-The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the best rivalries in all of football and after the Ravens lost to the Steelers three times last season, you better believe that the Ravens are looking to take down Pittsburgh.  According to ESPN's AFC North Blog the Ravens are specifically looking how to shut down Big Ben Roethlisberger this season after he manufacturer huge drives in each match-up last season.  Mike Biers of the Beaver County Times also wrote an article this morning about Ben Roethlisberger's quest to win more Super Bowls.

XL-It seems like just about everyone in Steeler Nation except for the coaches and front office are ready to part with Carey Davis.  Steeler Depot wrote a post on their feelings on Carey Davis' prospects.  They also wrote a separate post on why Saturday's game against the Redskins should be very important for Tony Hills and Ramon Foster.

XLIII-My apologies for not being around much at the end of last week, I had some work and family things supersede my duties here, so I have gathered a bunch of the post-game reactions from different blogs and websites and will just list each one below.  I personally was really impressed with a lot of performances from Thursday nights' preseason opener, especially the offensive line, Isaac Redman, and Shaun McDonald.

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