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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Training Camp And Other News.

IX-Some of you doubted the accuracy of the youtube video originally posted by the Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponnies of Rashard Mendenhall doing a dance routine to Michael Jackson, but it has been confirmed in this article by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  It turns out Mendenhall has been taking dance lessons since his shoulder injury against the Ravens season, and really seems to enjoy them.

X-One of the best and most complete accounts I have read from the first weekend of training camp come from Steelperch over at Steeler Fury.  In the piece he Also over at Steeler Fury, our very own Blitzburgh participated in a training camp Podcast with the guys over there.  Just about every position is covered in the training cam write-up at Steeler Fury and it had some great opinions on position battles.

XIII-For those of you who are still holding out any hope that Michael Vick will be a Steeler in 2009, might as well forget about it according to Ed Bouchette, who wrote a very adamant opinion piece that Michael Vick will not be a Steeler.  Bouchette is a lot of things, but rarely does he go out with an opinion about that team that isn't verified by the team.  For a listing of the teams that have already denied interest in vick check out the running list at Speaking of Ed Bouchette; he is now again taking questions on the Steelers over the Post Gazette's website.  The first question Bouchette answered came from a fan asking if the Steelers starting line-backing group going into the 2009 season is the best ever.  I certainly think with Timmons providing an upgrade in the middle that they have to be considered in the discussion if they are able to improve on last years squad.

XIV-If you have any doubt that Mike Tomlin is going to come into the 2009 season motivated and eager to drop some more amazing quotes and "Tomlinisms" get ready for a few in this article from the Post Gazette.  My favorite was this:

"I'm not concerned about avoiding anything that happened three years ago or worried about letdowns or things of that nature. When you use the term 'letdown' you proceed with the assumption that this is a continuation of something that happened in the past."

XL-Tweet of the day from Jim Wexell's twitter account from day three of training camp:

"Mike Wallace just beat [Joe] Burnett by 5 yards to haul in bomb. Fastest [Wide Receiver] in team history."

That's a pretty bold statement from Jim Wexell but seems to be about the norm from what everyone is reporting from training camp.  Reportedly he is still rather raw in his route running ability but his hands and speed seem to be up to par for the NFL.

XLIII-Steel City Insider has more news on whether Ryan Clark is going to play during the Steelers week 8 match-up against Denver.  According to Clark himself the prospects of him playing in Denver are bleak as he says he doesn't want to risk his career or life over playing against the Bronco's.  I guess it's good the Steelers know now so that they can devise some sort of game plan around knowing he is unavailable for at least one game this season.  Clark also indicates that talks between him and the front office have broken down.  Steel City Insider has great content and updates on training camp and is probably the best resource out their if you are willing to pay.