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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Brett Keisel Signed For Five Additional Years Edition

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IX-The big news coming out of Pittsburgh today is that veteran Brett Keisel has signed a five year contract extension locking him up for what is most likely to be the duration of his NFL career.  Keisel is a former seventh round draft pick that was able to develop slowly in the Steelers system and has eventually become a player that the front office and coaching staff have deemed to be very important to future success.  They other big news is guard Darnell Stapleton will be placed on Injured Reserve which will end his entire 2009 season.

X- Sometimes it takes an article like this one to remind me how fortunate I am to be a fan of one of the best organizations in the NFL with one of the strongest and most dedicated fan-bases.  Evidently the economy is actually really affecting some NFL teams and the number of teams that might have blackouts of their games in the local market this season could be as high as 12.  Last season only three teams had blackouts, and those three teams had a total of nine blackouts between them.  This year the Jacksonville Jaguars actually are not expecting to sell out any of their home contests leaving them with eight blackouts of their games to the local markets.

XIII-If you missed Mike Tomlin's interview with Bob Costa's last evening here is the clip from youtube.  The big quotable story out of the interview is what Mike Tomlin has to say about Pittsburgh's interest in Michael Vick before he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

XIV-Fantasy football names can be quite amusing and some people have a talent for creating a name that not only incorporates football, but also some sort of obsure pop-culture reference or some great pun.  Here is a list from the blog "Detroit4Lyfe."  Their are quite a few "not-safe-for-work" entries, so be cautious where you are reading the list.

XL-I have a feeling the demographic make-up of BTSC is heavily skewed towards males, but perhaps some of the female readers would be interested in this opportunity.  (Or perhaps a gift for a die-hard Steeler wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter).  The opportunity is the 2009 Steelers "Ladies Night Out At Heinz Field."  The event is only $95 dollars and includes tours of Heinz field, the opportunity to meet at least one current player, and a gift bag with some Steelers swag.

XLIII-Brett Farve's Minnesota Vikings jersey is flying of store shelves and virtual store shelves like, where it has been the most popular jersey in the month of August despite only being available for a few weeks in the month.  Troy Polamulu is the third most popular jersey this month, Ben Roethlisberger is the fifth most popular, and Hines Ward is the 13th most popular making three Steelers in the top twenty of jersey sales this month.