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BTSC Friday Open Thread - What Game(s) Are You Catching Live This Year?

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Happy Friday guys and gals. Hope your weeks were solid and that you're ready to unwind in whatever way suits you this coming weekend. Just a discussion starter here to take us in to the weekend. What partly prompted me to post this was that just the other day, Homer J. of BTSC was kind enough to help facilitate me getting back East to catch a game at Heinz Field this season. Mr. Homer also contributed to the annual publication now available for purchase. In fact, as I make my rounds on various Western PA. radio stations this week, I find myself answering lots and lots of questions about his outstanding contribution to the publication. No surprise - great story teller. Probably as a result of being in the mix and treating people so fairly for so many years.  Anyway...

The game I'll be catching? Chargers @ Steelers. October 4th. Very, very excited and I'll be sure to try to arrange some sort of meet up the day before (Saturday) so that we can hopefully put some names with faces. Anyway,  my excitement level about the game got me wondering what games you might be attending this fall/winter? I know some of you are fortunate enough to live in the area and frequent Heinz on a somewhat regular basis. Some of you fine folks are even season ticket holders. The vast majority of us, however, are not in the area and are lucky to catch a game a year. 


So let's hear it? What are your travel plans this coming NFL season and which week(s) do you have penciled in for catching the Black 'N Gold live?


-Blitz- (Michael B.)