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BTSC Housekeeping - Some Do's and Dont's at Behind The Steel Curtain?

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Hey all. Just a few notes from me about some of the site's admittedly fairly laissez-faire 'rules.' As the site continues to grow (welcome all!) it's probably not a bad idea to throw something like this out from time to time. I have more to say about who I am, where/how the site started, what you might be able to do to contribute to the site if you're interested, what the site strives to be in a very crowded niche space, etc etc. But for now, here's just a few things to keep in mind. Happy Friday!

  1. BTSC is not a place where we engage in homophobia, even if it's just 'light hearted.' When you see an image like the one below, I understand it may be impossible to resist, but seriously, there's tens of thousands of fellow Steelers fans that probably swing the other way and we have no business alienating them from our tribe as a result of such a proclivity. Nfl_a_quinn_580_medium

  2. On a similar note, no politics or religion. It makes it a lot harder to justify hate of any sort when you can't cloak it behind political or religious reasoning. This is a big one as it plays a large role in keeping the tone of the site civil. We've got great people from all corners of the globe...literally...There's no way we can all bond and agree about politics or religion. We can about football. At least our enjoyment of it. Let's stick to what we know for the most part.

  3. BTSC is DEFINITELY not a place where racism is tolerated. No exceptions. Period. Takes a lot to get banned from this community. That'll do it.

  4. BTSC doesn't support sexism either. We're proud of having badass female fans amongst the tribe we call Steeler Nation. It's tempting to call Eli 'She-li'. I've done so myself more than once. But let's remember we can assume at all times there's a legion of women reading our stuff, because you can count on it, there will be.

  5. BTSC prides it self on it's collaborative/community publishing tools. By that I mean, it's not just me, drinkyourmilkshake, or maryrose who has a voice. We all do and we have the tools to empower each and everyone of us to share what's on our mind. That's a beautiful thing, but it's also not to be abused. By that I mean, respect your fellow fans and take a gander around the site to see if there's already a discussion going on about the subject on your mind. If so, keep the discussion there rather than writing a new fanpost that contains little but your own personal off-cuff take on an already discussed topic. This allows easier navigation of the site's wealth of content and frankly, it makes it both more fun for all of us while also allowing new members to not draw the ire of some of the site's most veteran presences. 

  6. BTSC is a site where fans of other teams are welcome. Our good friend MrMalor for example frequents our sandbox multiple times daily, and by doing so, provides us with the occasional nugget of information and a very frequent amount of hearty laughs and good times. We will welcome fans of other teams so long as they aren't looking to be blatant jerks/trolls/annoyances. No exceptions.

  7. Because it's so important and because I've gotten so many suggestions from stalwart long-time readers, it's worth reiterating: please do not spam the fanposts with just two short sentences about a topic du jour. Find somewhere else where it's being discussed unless you have the time or inclination to write out something worthy of a fanpost. I hate to say that because this site works because of you all and because of the community publishing - but nevertheless, as we grow, we have to keep it in check. Do your part please.

  8. BTSC does not have a hard-line rule about profanity. Let's let adults be adults. However, BTSC has gotten the blessing of Art Rooney Jr. as being a place of 'thoughtful discussion'. Let's not tarnish that image. And yes, people are taking notice. So if you must use profanity for emphasis, be my guest. Just don't do so flagrantly and for no good reason. Some folks are more offended than others so let's not turn any one off to the site for something so trivial. It's not fair to them.

  9. Let's try not to resort to name calling when we disagree with others points. Take the high road and either spell out why you disagree or just leave it be altogether. On a similar note, I love all y'all old school readers and commentors. Really do. You've made the site. However, let's remember to be welcoming to new folks, even if they may not be entirely up to snuff in terms of 'blog etiquette'. Be nice. Or at least be patient as we incorporate more and more Steelers fans in to the fold. You have it in you. 

  10. Continue to use the fanshots, recommend features, report spam, etc etc. These are all part of our proprietary world-class platform to mingle around one giant virtual water cooler. Take advantage of them and if you have any questions, be sure to let me or milkshake know.