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BTSC Fantasy Football League

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Ok, here's the deal. Folks behind the scenes at SB Nation have set up an arrangement once more between the NFL blogs on our network and Flea Flicker, AOL's fantasy football service. It's a pretty solid platform and we had fun using it last year. 

To sign up for this year's action, go to I think this hyperlinks to the league's page. If not, and there is a way to search for private leagues, search for BTSC 2009. Password is sixburgh. Enter. It's free. 11 spots are open. Us bloggers will be getting $100 for organizing these leagues and since I'm such a stupendously nice guy, I'll just pass the scratch straight to the kitty. $80 for the winner. $20 for runner up.

Ready, set, go. I'll be waiting. Let me know if you have any questions.

-Blitz- (Michael B.) 

UPDATE: League is full as of 9 am pst. Thanks guys and gals for signing up. More info soon enough for those involved. We can also set up other leagues if we're so inclined but this will be the 'official' BTSC league, if only by title.