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Super Bowl Defense Starts Now! Titans @ Steelers Open Thread

Wow, the day is here. Football's back. Steelers Football is back! So wonderful. Hopefully you all are able to catch the game with some friends and/or family in a spot of your choosing. Enjoy the return of the game we all love so much. And thank you to all of you who helped make the offseason go by so swiftly with all your comments, posts, insights, jokes, etc this past 7 months. Damn, crazy it's been that long since we saw Santonio drag his toes in the corner of the endzone.'s our first 2009 NFL regular season open thread on Behind The Steel Curtain. I'll be around throughout the game talking about the highs and the lows of what promises to be an electrifying night at Heinz Field. Join me.

Towels out. Back to work!

Let's Go Steelers!