Mike Wallace vs. Limas Sweed

Hey everyone, fairly new to BTSC so I'll give it my best!

I for one am glad to finally have football back, but it is far better to start off the year with the Steelers playing the opening game. I tell you what, this is a battle that I have been following closely and I watch Wallace and Sweed on the field closely. One thing that kept getting my attention other than the dreadful 1.7ypc average running the ball was the amount of game time Mike Wallace was getting rather than Sweed. Does this mean that MIke Wallace is seriously being looked at as the new number 3 receiver?Trust me, at this point I don't mind too much cause I believe he is probably the biggest steal in the draft, but I think we all thought that Sweed had the position locked up due to his strong preseason performances. The knock on Wallace was his route running needed to be more crisp and by the looks of it last night it seemed his route running has improved a lot. He burnt the secondary more than once and when Big Ben looked for him he under threw him. Not to mention the fact that when the final pass play in overtime was breaking down he adjusted his route and made a great clutch catch to set up the winning field goal. I think this guy is going to be a big time player for the team and cannot wait to see what he does for us next game!

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