Am I the only one?

That thinks it is beyond time for Isaac Redman to be brought up.

That game on thursday was practically screaming his name. Look I like Frank Summers and I think he has a decent career ahead of him but now is not his time. As the other fanpost with his blocking video shows, he is not ready at all. Redman was pounding it in time after time during the preseason. So what is the hold up? Mewelde Moore was by far and away our best running back on thursday. I was impressed wtih Mendenhall at least he could gain a few more yards and actually fall forward. Willie's problem is that he does way to many stutter steps. As soon as he gets the ball he starts dancing in the backfield. If he would just take off every time then he would actually get a few yards. Perfect example, on one play a Titan got through the line and went for an ankle tackle on him. Willie could have easily spun out of it but instead he just hit the deck for a three yard loss. Me and my dad said at the same time "The old Willie would have got out of that." I dont know what is problem is but i'm just guessing that its all of his dance moves. Just please bring up Redman. He can slam it through on short yardage and run a few guys over in the process. Frank Summers might just be a fourth grader trapped in a jersey.

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