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Since I discoverd BTSC last year, I have come to depend on their writing. It is worth pointing out that our boys here write more and much better , highly informed content, FOR FREE, than a lot, if not most professional writers.Keep it up...No, seriously, keep it up. There was a lot more content in the off season than there is now. I NEED MY BTSC FIX DAILY!

Steelers: Run defense - check. Pass defense - check. Special teams - check. Passing attack - check. Running attack - Not so much. With every other phase of the game clicking, can the Steelers keep winning? I think so. Let's not forget that the Titans have one of the better run defenses in the NFL. Correction, one of the better defenses in the NFL. I like what the Steelers did. I think they will only get better.

If anyone has any insight into why the steelers have such a bad run game, please enlighten me. Are our offensive linemen pussys when it comes to muscling a defensive lineman out of the way? Are they playing lazy in the run? Are the Steelers running the wrong type of blocking scheme for their personnel? Did our offensive lineman all have bad experiences run blocking as children? What is it?!

Would someone somewhere please post a difinitive answer as to how long Troy Polomolu will be out? Please!

The Packers first year 3-4 defense really worked the Bears offense. Now admittedly, Dom Capers is one of the best 3-4 defensive coaches in the league, but he wasn't working with the Steelers talent and know-how. The Bears are in for a long day. So is Willie Colon. Ogunleye was a beast against the Packers and you know he has a picture of Colon in his locker this week. The Bears don't seem as scary after last night performance though.

Somehow, the tenor of Colon's voice doesn't match his ability. Shouldn't he talk like Mike Tyson? Just sayin.

Weren't the Bengals mentioned by everyone as a sleeper team. Well, they were right the Bengals came out and went right to sleep through three and a half quarters. Truly, the last touchdown play for the Broncos labeled the Bengals the "Bungles" for the rest of the year (I expect to see their name listed like that on Sports Center). I don't see them getting better. In fact, I think the Browns are better. Maybe even a lot better.

But, the Browns are still not good. Shocker!

I have to say, in the rivalry between the Ravens and Steelers, the Steelers made the Ravens blink. There really has been no discussion about the fact that the Ravens asked the league not to have to play the Steelers at Heinz feild in primetime. Three in a row made them crack and I think a fourth may put Ray-ray on the funny farm. Still, how big is it that the Ravens asked for that? HUGE! I lost a little respect for them.

We make fun of Jeff Reed and his Hulk-in-the-bathroom immitation, but after watching Boronis, one of the best kickers in the league, miss at Heinz Field, I have a little more love for Quadzilla and his ability to hit at Heinz Field.

I read that Bill Cower (Who?) will be asking for around 10 million a year to come back to coaching. If Tomlin wins another title this year, will that affect Cower's ability to command such a salary? Would some team (Hint: the Panthers) be able to say in essence "You were good, but you could have done better. See what the guy after you did with the Steelers organization?" Is Cower the right guy in Carolina with Jake Delhome?

I think in the AFC North the quarterback rankings now go like this: Rothlesburger, Flacco, Palmer and Bernie Kosar.

With the exception of New Orleans, I didn't see any really outstanding teams (Oh, and the Iggles) Sunday. The Colts didn't destroy Jacksonville, Arizona (No longer Pittsburgh west - Just Arizona again) dropped to the lowly 49ers, the Giants let the Redskins hang for a while, the Cowboys struggled for a while, etc... I know, some of you want to say Seattle dominated, but it was against the Rams for Gods sake. Overall I felt the NFL got of to a very shaky and mistake filled first week. Let's see about tonight.

Everyone repeat after me: Go Bills! Tonight we see if Belicheat is really the genius he believes he is, or if letting all those older core players go will finally show that any team really has to have a special group of guys to win multiple Super Bowls. And, that group of guys is mostly gone for The Hated Patriots.

How much should the Steelers pay Tomlin? As of now both sides see that another Super Bowl is attainable this year. If Tomlin won another an then negotiated a new contract, how much would he get? If he doesn't win one? Mmmm...


Go Steelers.


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