Logan v. Redman

Please forgive me in advance for I know this topic has been beaten almost to death, however, I want to try and bring some semblance of logic to the topic so I presented my own unscientific poll. There are only two choices: keep Logan or keep Redman. You can't keep both. Look over the roster, that's what it came down to.

However, if you'd like to explain where you can open up another roster spot by cutting someone OTHER than Logan, thereby keeping both on your 53, I'd very much like to hear the argument.

Also, keep in mind. I think very highly of Redman and hope he makes the roster in another year or two (can he be stashed that long?) I just don't think there is any way you lose/trade/cut Parker or Mendenhall THIS YEAR in favor of Redman. Also, keep in mind that Tank and Redman play two different positions.

9/19/2009 - rather than a separate post, I am updating this post with an article from today's Post Gazette concerning Redman:

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