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BTSC Fanpost Round Up

The fanposts are coming fast and furious from you all.  Great stuff. Fanshots seem to be picking up, finally. Also good to see. With all the submissions, insights, questions and other good stuff being offered up by y'all, it's getting tougher than ever to keep up with all the content. 

Join me after the jump as I try to highlight some of the more interesting, thought provoking, controversial, funny, etc stuff the BTSC community.

* This is the most recent fanpost on the site, but it's an interesting question about television blackouts back in the 1970s. I'm not sure the answer but surely many of you will though. There are growing murmurings about increased blackouts in certain markets this season as the cost of attending NFL games continues to escalate in cool economy, at the same time that watching NFL games at home continues to become more enjoyable.

* Jump on in the weekly prediction contest created and administered by our New Zealand friend Steeler_. I like the format and commend him on keeping tabs on this. I did something similar a few years ago when we were much smaller and it was tough then. Good luck keeping track of it all this year. For the record, I'll throw in a copy of the Steelers publication for the winner that myself, mary rose and others put together for Maple Street Press this year.

* This entry from SteelerBuddha was promoted to the main page but if you haven't seen it, take a look at his analysis of what went wrong with the Steelers running game last Thursday and why he thinks that it can be corrected with only minor adjustments and improvements.

* I'm not sure too many NFL fans share this sentiment, but we had a Miami Dolphins fan drop by recently just to say that he was impressed by the brand of football they played last Thursday in the season opener. 

* A nice starting point for next Sunday's matchup against the Bears can be found in Chicago Steeler's recent post. In it, Chicago covers some of the more pivotal matchups that will go a long way towards determining whether or not the Steelers win their first road game of the 2009 season and improve to 2-0. Good stuff from a veteran BTSC'er and Windy City resident.

* Some good musings about this and that by WyoFan, who from what I gather is an interesting, well-read dude that'd be fun to have a beer or dinner with. A nice example of how a fanpost can be both rambling and organized, opinionated and inquisitive, etc. etc.  

* A nice conversation starter by chewiesteeler about what makes more sense - keeping Stefan Logan, Isaac Redman or both on the roster. PITT3639 posed a similar question about Isaac Redman a few days earlier.

* Some AFC North thoughts after Week 1 from a reader that signed up just this week. Power in numbers. Good stuff. Not a great week for the division if you ask me. 

* You may not agree with every last thing written by me or other folks here, but it's nice to have a platform to practice writing for an audience where it's likely that you'll receive feedback. Following the Steelers win over the Titans, a new (and very witty and entertaining) reader steelersgrl reflected on the game. I happen to disagree with her sentiments - I thought the game was enormously entertaining and fairly well played by Pittsburgh. But that's neither here nor there. Good to see a well written and passionate post from one of our new female members.

* ZakWoods, who authors SBN's MMA blog WatchKalibRun, wrote that the Steelers are a pass-first team, period, and will and should be for the foreseeable future. Very well could be.

* New commenter Light Dweller asks: Mike Wallace or Limas Sweed? I say both, but it all really comes down to who Big Ben feels most comfortable with. If it's Wallace, great. If it's Sweed, swell. Hopefully he develops a nice comfort level and trust with both as the season progresses.

That's but a few of the posts by you all since last Thursday's opening week win. Keep 'em coming and as always, many thanks for helping keep this place informative, fast-paced, friendly and fun. Holler at me with any questions or suggestions at any time. (

-Michael B