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Because We Won't Get To See Him Play For Awhile...

We're all of course aware that All-World safety Troy Polamalu will be sidelined for at least one month after he tore his MCL on a blocked field goal attempt during the Steelers 13-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans last Thursday night. That's the reality of playing in the violent and unfathomably fast-paced and physical NFL.

But it's also unfortunate. Not because our odds of winning decrease with him out. Coach Tomlin wouldn't stand for that. Instead, it's unfortunate for our experience as fans of the game. We watch football for many reasons - some shared, some unique. More than anything else though, we watch games each weekend for six months a year to be entertained.No player is more entertaining to watch if you ask me than #43. Lost amongst the grumblings about Polamalu's injury was enough recognition and amazement in his absolutely ridiculous one-handed pick late in the 1st quarter. Left-handed, mind you. Enjoy and remember, good things come to those who wait or absence makes the heart grow fonder...maybe...hopefully. Get well Troy!