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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Week Two Hump Day Edition

IX-Last season the Pittsburgh Steelers finished with a 12-4 record and all four of the losses came against teams that employ 4-3 defenses.  Last week the Steelers pulled out a squeaker against another 4-3 defense, and this week the Steelers face another daunting, although possibly overrated, 4-3 defense of the Chicago breaks down some of the confusion the Steelers have had against the 4-3 defense, and Mike Tomlin makes it known that their will be no excuses, just execution against future match-ups against 4-3 squads.

X-The defense of the Chicago Bears obviously isn't the only concern for the Pittsburgh Steelers who are making moves on their depth chart to combat explosive return man Devin HesterThe Steelers have moved two newcomers; Keiwan Ratliff and super speedy rookie Joe Burnett to be the gunners on the return team.  I am assuming the Steelers think the extra speed will help combat Hester.  Personally I am somewhat concerned about making a rather drasctic move this close to game time, but I am confident that coach Tomlin will have the rookies prepared to show why they made the 53 man roster and what they can do when given opportunities.

XIII-To this day the extent to which Steelers fans tormented Tommy "Gun" Maddox and his family is heavily debated and the true extent or lack thereof may never be known, but at least one fan of the Buffalo Bills took a page from the Steelers and decided to desecrate the lawn of Bill cornerback and return man Leodis McKelvin.  McKelvin was the player who fumble a kickoff return with just a few minutes left in the game that allowed the Patriots to come back and win the Monday Night match-up. 

XIV-The Pittsburgh Steelers have been known to have one of the worst playing fields in the entire NFL by players, coaches, and front office personnel, another team that has had similar problems with their players surface is the Chicago Bears who the Steelers face this Sunday.  The Bears are in fact having to replace sod that was destroyed when the band U2, held a concert at Soldier Field last week, and some of the Bears players are worried because the new sod tends to be loose and possibly dangerous.  Hopefully the sod and the weather will cooperate for a safe and dominate Sunday for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

XL-The Carolina Pathers looked horrible on Sunday afternoon largely in part to veteran quarterback Jake Delhomme, who threw 4 interceptions.  Delhomme has thrown 9 interceptions in his last two starts for the Panthers and I guess no teams were interested in his service initially so the Panthers decided to try their luck with Craigslist.  Thanks to HereWeGo for pointing this link out in another fanpost.

XLIII-Kayne West can't even let Mike Tomlin go through a press conference without interrupting to put in his two cents about the situation.  Hopefully Kayne doesn't decide to break onto the field during one of Big Ben's legendary game winning drives.  Check out Benstonium for more videos.