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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- I Don't Give A Damn Edition

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IX-Bo Scaife accused James Harrison of a "cheap shot" after the Thursday Night Game when Harrison dove at Scaife near the sidelines after he caught a short pass.  James Harrison's response? 

"I don't give a damn what he said, If I hit high, I get fined. If I hit him low, I keep money in my pocket."

X-BTSC's favorite beat writer Jim Wexell has some notes on this weeks match-up against the Chicago Bears in a free article from his site.   Wexell thinks one of the major keys to this weeks game is Daniel Supulveda's punting against standout Devin Hester.  Wexell also noted the amount of pressure that Casey Hampton was able to get on quarterback Kerry Collins last week and that on some occasions the Titan's offensive line was so pre-occupied on the linebacking corp that they actually forgot to block Hampton a few times.  Hampton joked that he is working hard on his closing speed to get at Jay Cutler this week.

XIII-The new SBNation homepage has launched and it really is a huge step up from the old homepage that was much more like a directory.  The new page rivals the big boys like ESPN with it's constant updates and information on the world of sports.  Also, every once and a while I try to highlight a different blog or two on SBNation and this time I recommend you check out "The Daily Forehand" the SBNation blog devoted to all things Tennis.  The Daily Forehand was actually one of the first places to report he big Serena Williams blow-out at the U.S. Open.

XIV-Vince Young has had perhaps one of the most bizarre careers in his short time in the NFL.  After winning a national championship his stock was high, he was drafted early and eventually won the rookie of the year award.  But since then he has been benched and bizarre reports about Young have emerged creating an uncertain future for the former Texas Longhorn superstar.  Regardless of how the rest of his NFL career will unfold this story about him from the Tennessean is a heartwarming story about Vince helping out his mentor and Idol Steve McNair's children in their time of need.

XL-ChristmasApe of Kissing Suzy Kolber and DC Steeler Nation put together a photo collage of what he would like to see on Sunday afternoon in Chicago.  I agree.

XLIII-It's fun to watch a work in progress and Cotter from OFTOT and Tecmo from PSAMP are on their way to having a solid pregame show.  Here is the this weeks installment.