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Behind The Steel Curtain Live Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers Trimming Roster To 53 Players

Since information is going to be coming down the pike quite quickly over the next day or so regarding the Steelers cuts, I thought it would be appropriate to make a live thread that we can update and tweak as we find out more information.  Countdown to Kick-Off is officially less than one week away.  Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

The Pittsburgh Steelers organization was forced to make some difficult decisions this afternoon when they needed to cut their roster down from 75 to 53 men.  Some difficult decisions have to be made and hopefully some of the bubble players that are cut can make it onto the 53 man roster.

Initial reports of the players cut are Carey Davis, Bruce Davis, Sonny Harris, Anthony Madison, A.Q. Shipley, Jason Capizzi, Isaac Redman, Justin Vincent, and Scott Paxson have all been reported to be cut by Mike Biers.