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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Two Days Away Edition

IX-Tennessee Titan reciever Nate Washington is currently unsure if he will be able to suit up for Thursday nights season opener against his former team, despite being so excited he is losing sleep.  Even if Washington doesn't play he is finding ways to help his current team game plan and scheme against the defending world champion Steelers.  It also is looking more and more like Lawrence Timmons will miss his first scheduled start and will be replaced by Keyaron Fox, who had a beastly preseason.

X-The New England Patriots signed veteran offensive lineman and former Steeler Kendall Simmons last week.  The Patriots are in need of depth on an offensive line that allowed more sacks that the Steelers offensive line did last season.  The Patriots also made a savvy move with defensive end Richard Seymour by trading him to the Oakland Raiders in the last year of his contract.  The Patriots need to sign nose tackle Vince Wilfork and likely would of allowed Seymour to walk regardless of his performance with the team in 2009.  Many in Steelers nation have questioned why the Steelers wouldn't try a similar move with Casey Hampton, and Ed Bouchette weighs in with his feelings why.

XIII-In a somewhat surprising roster move former Steeler Anthony Smith was cut by the Green Bay Packers during the process of trimming their roster to the mandatory 53 players. In the reports from Packers training camp I had heard previously I was under the impression that Smith was a key piece in thier transition to the 3-4 defense.  I guess the Smith has caught on with the St. Louis Rams and perhaps is Smith can finally put together his talent and find a way to minimize his mental mistakes he could be a steal for either the Rams or whomever he catches on with next.

XIV-ESPN has the most complete season preview for the Pittsburgh Steelers I have seen on the web.  I am not going to ramble on about it because the preview has enough content to keep you entertained for plenty of time.  If you are looking for a really nice season preview I recommend checking out Maple Street Press Steelers Annual which was edited by BTSC's very own Blitzburgh.

XL-The Steelers filled out their practice squad with former Tennessee Titan and Miami Dolphin, Tuff Harris.  If you want you can search the internet trying to find more information this guy, or you could read Steeler.Lifer's summary of the defensive back which is incredibly informative.  Many are speculating that the Tuff Harris signing was purely motivated by gaining inside knowledge on our week one opponent but Ed Bouchette said in his chat that the Harris signing was a back-up plan after Roy Lewis was scooped up by the Seahawks.

XLIII-Even though Stefan Logan aka "Joystick" has looked like the key to our return woes this season, Santonio Holmes isn't ready to fully relinquish the duties according to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.  If Logan continues to look as good as he did in the preseason I see no reason why Holmes should be out on the field returning punts.  What say you Steeler Nation?