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Five Questions With Music City Miracles

A few questions with SBN's fine Tennessee Titans blog, Music City Miracles. Many thanks to Jimmy fortaking the time. My answers to his questions will be up on over at MCM by the morning I'd imagine. - Blitz - (Michael B.)


1) How has Kerry Collins looked this preseason? We all know he was the surprise story for the Titans last year, but is it really realistic to expect him to be as good protecting the football and as good in close games as he was last year for Tennessee?

MCM: Collins was inconsistent this preseason, but that is not much of a cause for concern in my eyes.  He will be fine once the games matter.  I fully expect him to be as good as he was last season.  He is a different guy than he was in his days with Carolina and Oakland.  He has learned a lot from what he has been through in his career.  I think he knows this is his last shot to get a ring.

2) We all read about LenDale White - not the most well liked fellow in Steelers Nation - and his weight loss this offseason. Who knew giving up tequila could result in 40 pounds lost? Do you notice a different in his running style and could that potentially make the Titans ground game even more dangerous in 09?

MCM: It will make the Titans ground game even more dangerous.  LenDale has really good feet and vision.  He has been reduced to nothing more than a bruiser in the last couple of years because of the weight.  This year he will be able to take full advantage of his skill set and make a lot of money with some other NFL team next season.

3) On a similar note, how does C. Johnson look and how do you see the Titans dividing carries between the two backs?

MCM: CJ looks poised to build on his fantastic rookie season.  The Titans will probably split the carries close to 60/40 in favor of Johnson as they did last season.

4) Will there be any dropoff in the Titans defense now that Jim Schwartz is no longer working alongside Jeff Fisher with the Titans defense? Will there be a change in scheme or philosophy with the new defense?

MCM: I don't think there will be a dropoff.  Cecil has been learning under Schwartz for quite a few years.  Add into the fact that Jeff Fisher is a defensive coach, and I think the defense will be just fine.

Keep in mind that there were some people that were ready to run Schwartz out of town just 3 years ago.  It is amazing the difference in a coach's ability when coaching bad players vs. coaching good players.

5) How has Nate Washington fared this preseason and what can you tell us about the Titans upgrade(s) - or lack there of even - at the skill positions?

MCM:  Nate Washington didn't do much this preseason in limited action.

The Titans made several upgrades this offseason.  The first one was addition by subtraction when they didn't resign Justin McCareins.  They also added WR Kenny Britt and TE Jared Cook in the draft.  Both guys give the Titans the vertical threat that they were missing last season.

Bonus: Prediction?

MCM: I have the Titans winning 17-10 in what is sure to be a slugfest for the ages.