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Win A Bill Cowher Signed Terrible Towel, Compliments Of QuickHit Football

Want a Bill Cowher signed Terrible Towel? If you do, now's the time to get it before he returns to the sidelines and potentially tarnishes your fond memories of him roaming the sidelines, chin jutting intimidatingly, scowl in full effect, spittle flying.

To win it, all you have to do is this:

1) Go to Quick Hit Football, a free online football simulation game that looks pretty cool on first glance. Have I played? No, no I have not. But I've watched the trailer on their site and it looks legit enough for me to consider posting here. If you've read the site long enough, you know I don't litter the site too much with things I wouldn't at all want my name associated with. Anyway, it's free and very, very easy to register. I just did so myself painlessly.

2) Register a team name. If you live in the 21st century, which I believe all of you do, then you probably are signed up for one too many things anyway. Why not make it two too many? You can unsubscribe as soon as the contest is over if you'd like, but in consideration of Quick Hit, which provided this Cowher signed Towel (he's a partner in the site apparently), I will require you to sign up to be eligible to win. Heck, if it strikes your fancy, you can even check out the game. Even if you'd care not to, just make sure you have a valid username so that you can....

3) Email me said username along with your...

4) Picks for this weekend's Divisional Round playoff games. So, email with your Quick Hit username, along with your winners and exact scores for the four tilts on tap for this weekend - two on Saturday, two on Sunday.


However, feel free to ask any questions here or to kibbitz about the site or anything else related to this that doesn't include your picks for the weekend.

I will mail promptly on Monday morning and who knows, maybe this site will be a source of entertainment for many of us this offseason. By all means, feel free to let me and others know about the game itself if you do in fact check it out.