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Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7) @ Miami Dolphins (7-8) - BTSC Week 17 Open Thread (1st Half)

Here we are - Week 17 of the 2009 NFL season. Seems like just recently that the football year kicked off, but no, come the end of Sunday, the 2009 season very well may be in the books for the six time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe not - they could sneak in to the backdoor of the playoffs with the right amount of help around the league. But it all of course begins with a Steelers victory over the Miami Dolphins in south Florida Sunday afternoon. Join me and other Steelers fans for perhaps the last time this season on BTSC to cheer on the team as the game unfolds.

Enjoy the game friends, as well as what I presume is the final day of vacation for many of you before returning to work or school on Monday. Be blessed.

Go Steelers!