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Five Burning Questions

Heading into the Browns game with Big Ben returning to football, here are five questions for Steeler Nation to ponder:

1)  Those who attend Heinz Field know that the Steelers announce either the offense or defense out of the tunnel during pre-game.  Will the Steelers intentionally announce the defense Sunday to avoid the possibility of Roethlisberger hearing boos and starting off on a sour note?

2)  The Steelers haven't missed Santonio Holmes too much, given a 3-1 record with defense and duct tape and the fact that no one to this point could get him the ball anyhow.  With Ben back, will Holmes' absence be much more noticeable and impactful now?

3)  The Browns passing game does not have much talent.  Will Steelers' defensive backs finally play some press coverage, or do we simply not have the talent at corner to do anything other than soft coverage?

4)  Who is the Steelers' MVP on offense thus far, Mendenhall or Pouncey?

5)  Who is the Steelers MVP on defense thus far, Timmons or Polamalu?