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Five Questions From The Browns' Fanbase: No. 1

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A new approach to the Five Questions many SB Nation bloggers send each other in anticipation of their teams meeting. Typically we just send one another questions, respond, then post the answers on our respective sites. This time, let's switch things up and have you all answer the questions. There's many reasons to do it this way - one, you all's collective knowledge and insight is invaluable, and two, I'm still busy as hell! So answer away in the comments, and I'll pass along some of our answers to him at some point on Friday.

Here's question No. 1 from Chris Pokorny, the founding editor of Dawgs By Nature.

During the Steelers' first four games, their strength on offense without Ben Roethlisberger came on the ground, where Rashard Mendenhall thrived. With Roethlisberger back, I anticipate the Steelers going pass-happy. Are you concerned that Mendenhall won't get enough touches to be as effective as he has been when he does get the ball?

More questions to follow. Many thanks for your participation! I'll see what I can do to get some Steelers schwag or prizes of some sort to give out in the upcoming weeks. Go Steelers!