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Five Questions From The Browns' Fanbase: Nos. 3 & 4

Onward with our BTSC community answers to the Five Questions sent over by Dawgs By Nature.

A new approach to the Five Questions many SB Nation bloggers send each other in anticipation of their teams meeting. Typically we just send one another questions, respond, then post the answers on our respective sites. This time, let's switch things up and have you all answer the questions. There's many reasons to do it this way - one, you all's collective knowledge and insight is invaluable, and two, I'm still busy as hell! So answer away in the comments, and I'll pass along some of our answers to him at some point on Friday.

And now, two more questions for you to weigh in on.

3. Overall, it sounds like Maurkice Pouncey has done a decent job at center for the Steelers. With that said, has he been the "perfect" type of player so far, or have there still been a few noticeable problems at center?

4. So far, the only team to take down Pittsburgh was Baltimore. Although the Ravens didn't particularly "thrive" on offense, what offensive strategy seemed to work for Baltimore in their ability to put two touchdowns on the board?


Question No. 1

Question No. 2