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James Harrison Fined $75,000 For Helmet-To-Helmet Hits Against Browns

Just filed by the NFL league office, three players were fined a total of $175,000 today for their violent concussion-inducing hits this past Sunday. They are...

James Harrison (Pittsburgh): $75k

Brandon Merriweather (New England): $50k

Dunta Robinson (Atlanta): $50k

Why Harrison was fined more than the other two, I have no idea. His hit on Joshua Cribbs was deemed totally legal by the NFL. So why is his hit against M. Massaquoi worthy of an extra $25k over Merriweather's or Robinson's? If anything, Robinson's hit was the most flagrant, as I'd contend that Massaquoi did himself no favors by cringing and lowering his head before being hit by Harrison. Anyway, I think the solution is not to fine and/or suspend these guys incessantly. I'd prefer to see them make the field a bit bigger, as well as to re-design the helmet to be more like a automobile that softens blows like an accordion effect.