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James Harrison Not Pleased With Ruling, Considering Retirement

Yes I know this was posted in the fanposts, and yes I saw that some of you stopped reading it once you saw the words Pro Football Talk. But the source for the rumor is from none other than James Harrison's mouth himself. In fact, I transcribed the interview of Harrison saying that he would have to consider walking away from the game. Here are his exact words:

On if he has had to talk to his coaches about the way he plays the game:

"You literally have to think about changing the way you play football. Honestly, I’m truly considering if I can play football in the NFL by the rules that they’re trying to make. I’m honestly going to sit down with my coach and see if I can play football within the NFL rules and still be effective. If not, I may have to give up playing football."

On what he’ll do if he doesn’t get the answer he wants from his coaches:

"If I don’t get the answer that I feel will make me effective at what I do and still not put myself at getting hurt or injured, then I’m going to have to try to find a way that I may possibly be able to get out of whatever agreement I’ve made with the Steelers."

Now, Harrison could very well be bluffing or still be emotionally charged from what he feels was an unfair stance against him. But consider what little we know about Harrison. He's not a showboat, he's a simple man, he doesn't spend his money extravagantly, and he's a man of few words. I personally wouldn't discount the possibility of him acting on that threat if in fact he continues to get fined or possibly suspended in the future for the aggressive brand of football that he plays.