Coaching grade against Miami - C at best

Anyone disappointed in the coaching yesterday. I believe the clock management and play calling are mental mistakes that need not be made. I can live with physical mistakes by players, but coaches have to do better.

Let's start with Mike Tomlin and the end of the first half.

1:43 - On Pitt 40 - BB throws to Ward for 26 yards.

1:12 - On Miami 34 - Pass to MM for 6 yards, ball on 28

1:03 - TO #1 called, Reverse with MM, loss of 8 - absolutely dumb call BA if you are setting up for FG.

00:19 - On Miami 36 - Ben gets sacked, loss of 3, On Miami 39, another dumb play call BA combined with BB not throwing ball away. The pass play called should be a quick throw with no chance of a sack or a run.

MT must be saving the 2 TO's in his pocket for a refund later in the year. MT once you the half ends the TO's disappear like sleeves on a vest !! Stop the clock and try to kick the FG.

Reed missed a few this year but if you don't try to kick the ball, you can't make it. STOP the clock let him try a 56 yd one; he had the wind at his back and he just sent a kick-off 9 yards deep in the endzone. Time management - F. Play calling F for the reverse, followed by a sack.

Overall, the game play selection was predictable, going back to plays that didn't work is insane. The pass out to the flat did not work, repeatedly. The running plays with no lead blocker, got little yardage. Give Mendy a chance, and maybe go play action out of the 2 back set. Where's "we need to run the ball more effectively"? Where's the pony backfield? Play calling for the Game - D at best only because of deep throws.

Overall - Coaching C with the defensive calls raising the grades for the stops on the first 2 positions limiting to FG's and the final stop.

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