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NFL Week 7 Power Rankings Roundup

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After taking a week off, let's take a look at the NFL Power Rankings submitted by various media outlets across the country for Week 7.

SB Nation: No. 3 ; Last Week: No.3

The Steelers consistency is amazing. Once again they're among the top in the NFL in defense and their record shows it. You almost forget about the Steelers because it seems they're always this good.

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ESPN: No. 1 ; Last Week: No.1

It turns out the Steelers are both lucky and good. (Walker)


CBS Sports: No. 2 ; Last Week: No.2

They have to be happy about the 3-1 record without Ben Roethlisberger. After a bye, he's back in as the quarterback. They need him. No more Charlie Batch helium balloons.


FOX Sports Power Rankings: No. 1 Last Week: No. 1

I had said last week that this was the NFL's most complete team, but Pittsburgh has started to suffer injuries on defense. The loss of starting DE Aaron Smith is potentially very big. The good news is their passing offense is back on schedule with Ben Roethlisberger behind center.


Fanhouse: No. 2 ; Last Week: No.2

The Steelers got by the Dolphins, though Miami fans want it noted that it was only because of the referee. Of course, those field goals the Dolphins had to settle for earlier in the game may have been a factor. Anyway, Pittsburgh now heads to New Orleans, where the struggling Saints are desperate to stay relevant.


National Football Post: No. 1 ; Last Week:1

Did the Steelers receive a gift on the Roethlisberger fumble? Maybe, but we still see them as the league’s top team.


Peter King (MMQ): No. 1 ; Last Week: No. 1

Trick or Treat. Steelers at the angry and embarrassed Saints on Sunday night. It's going to be tough for the Steelers to stay on top in the last 10 weeks without football's most underrated player, defensive end Aaron Smith, lost with a torn triceps muscle. That one hurts. A lot. Just ask Dick LeBeau.