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Five Burning Questions: General Tomlin's March Through the South Edition

The unique schedule continues with Pittsburgh's fourth road game this Sunday - all south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Still not sure why more people aren't perplexed at playing three road games in a row when computers can easily regulate no more than  two in a road at home or on the road, but I digress...

1)  On the Steelers first possession, Ben tries to shove a short pass to Sir Isaac.  In my opinion his hand starts moving forward when he is hit and the alleged fumble occurs.  It's clear that Isaac is the intended target, so the motive is clearly visible.  You can argue that it was a fumble, but you can argue an awkward pass also.  The Steelers had already lost a fumble and three points before they ever snapped the ball.  Why didn't Mike Tomlin take a chance with the red flag?  That was an important moment in the first half and could have been deadly.  It is likely that no other moment in the half would have better warranted a challenge, so why not take it?  We didn't end up using timeouts anyhow and certainly never had a better choice at a challenge.

2)  Do you believe in Super Bowl hangovers?  Are they worse in a party town like New Orleans?  Or is that a myth?  Are the Saints fighting a Super Bowl hangover right now?

3)  Would the Steelers have been in better position right now if the Browns had been pasted by New Orleans?  On one hand, maybe the Steelers have tape now that will help them beat the Saints.  On the other hand, maybe the Saints are hell bent on getting back on track.

4)  The jury is still out of course, but thus far, is Ziggy Hood a disappointment?  Could we have over-rated him on draft day, or is he on schedule to make us happy?

5)  Do you believe the Steelers are better right now than they were at this point in the season of their last Super Bowl year, 2008?