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Johnny's Week 7 Offensive Stat Sheet: Steelers Phumbling Their Way to Victory

Here we are with the second installment of the weekly stat sheet.  This time we will be taking a good look at the Steelers offense in the Dolphins game and so far this season.  I cannot really change the stat of the week, because there cannot be two stats of the week. Can there?  Maybe I should do one offense stat of the week and one defense stat of the week.  Let me know what you think.

Stat of the week: Stolen Borrowed from Canal Street Chronicles: "In Week 7, there were 737 points scored, an average of 52.6 per game (14 games). That was the second-highest average in any week since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. Week 7 in 1983 averaged 54.4 points per game (761 points, 14 games)."  Well our first "shoot out" of the year actually ends up falling below average in points.


Week 7 Ranks

Category Stat Week 7 Rank Week 6 Rank Trend
Points Per Game 22.8
14th 10th
Total Yards Per Game 300.7 26th 28th
Yards Per Play 5.4 12th 13th
Time of Possession
30:49 14th 14th --
3rd Down Completion % 35 28th 27th
Rush Yards Per Game 118.8 11th 9th
Rush Yards Per Attempt 3.9 T-20th T-14th
Rush TDs
T-12th T-8th
Pass Yards Per Game
181.8 26th 28th
Yards Per Pass Attempt
8.6 2nd T-2nd
Passing TDs
8 T-22nd T-23rd
Sacks Allowed
T-10th T-8th
QB Rating
95.4 5th 12th
Point Differential
3rd --

I am hoping that our run game has taken a dive only because we faced two teams that were very good at stopping the run.  Also, Flozell Adam's absence hurt us on Sunday as it appeared the run game flattened after he went out with an injury.

Ben Roethlisberger has made such a large change in our pass offense that it is worth pointing out some of the numbers.  I think the tables are easier to read, so:

Yards/Game QB Rating Yards/Att TDs/Game
Without Ben 136.0 77.5 7.5 1.0
With Ben 279.5 122.4 10.4 2.5


3rd Downs Conversions

Against Miami we went 6 for 15 on 3rd down (40%).  The yardages were as follows: 9p, 2r, 7p, 16p, 6p, 10p-TD, 12p-s,  11p, 12p, 4p, 9p, 6p-s, 5p, 2r, 11r (p=pass, r=run, s=sack, bold=converted, italic=turnover).  Keep in mind that final 3rd down was a kneel down by Ben.  Also, the 2nd to last 2 yard 3rd down run was the controversial fumble play.  Note that, Isaac Redman was stopped for only the second time this season on a 3rd and short run.  What I really liked about this game is that they spread the ball around on 3rd down.  4 players contributed on conversions and 4 others got their numbers called on conversion attempts.


Quick Slants

  • Just like the defensive line, Football Outsiders has some pretty unique offensive line numbers, at least for running.  Our running game is stuffed 24% of the time, which is the 26th worst in the league.  Yikes, I would credit a lot of that to a considerable amount of injuries on the line.  Also, the Steelers get 1.03 per carry 2nd level yards (yards from 5-10 yards past LOS), ranking them 25th in the league.  That average is probably brought down heavily by the fact that they get stuffed 24% of the time.  However, our open field yards rank 14th with 0.82 per carry.  That means that Mendenhall is very dangerous in the open field.
  • As far as our success rate and running, the Steelers are having much more success when running to the outside.  We are the most successful to the right outside of the line with a 5.67 average (5th) and closely behind that we get 4.89 yards per carry to the left outside (8th).  Our worst run average comes behind the right tackle with 3.27 (28th).  I find that incredible, because I thought Flozell Adams had been looking great in the run game.  However, this average could be brought down by Doug Legursky.  It is hard to tell.  Steelers Lounge seems to think Legursky is a problem.
  • Jonathan Scott is pretty awful.  So far this year he has taken 137 snaps and given up 8 QB pressures or 5.84% of the time.  The closest behind him is Max Starks who has given up 11 in 267 snaps or 4.11% of the time.  Flozell has only given up 9 in 280 snaps or 3.21%.  Guards and Centers do not see the premier pass rushers like Tackles, but just so you know Maurkice Pouncey is at 1.69%, Legursy at 3.76%, Chris Kemoeatu at 1.77%. Actually, by PFF rankings Legursky is rated as the 4th worst guard in the entire league.
  • Rashard Mendenhall easily had his worst game of the season against the Dolphins.  It was the first time all year he did not have a carry of 10 or more yards and the first time he had 0 missed tackles.  Mendy looked red hot in the beginning of the season, but has dropped off going under 3.3 yards per cary in the last 3 games. One positive about Rashard is that he has been a stud in blitz pick up from the backfield.  Oh, and his hands have been great this year as he has caught 9 of the 10 passes thrown at him.
  • Have you noticed how much better Ben has gotten since the SB season?  I am sure you have, but did you know that over his last 14 games he has had above a 100 QB rating in 10 of them?  In that span, he has thrown 28 touchdowns and just 9 interceptions.  Additionally, his YPA has been above 8.0 ten times and he has completed 65.2% of his passes.  Keep it up!
  • Hines Ward Watch: Ward needs 2 reception to pass Torry Holt for 11th all time in receptions. Also, he needs 21 to reach Art Monk to get into the top 10.  Only 630 to go to reach Jerry Rice, haha.  In yards, he needs 76 to get to 23rd all time.  In TDs, he needs to grab 3 to move into a tie for 15th and 4 to move into a tie for 12th.