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Captain Of The Tailgate - The Best Drinks

In case, you were wondering what the new Captain Morgan skin was all about, well, today's the first day of a new sponsorship for SB Nation's NFL blogs. For the next five Fridays, we'll drum up some tailgating talk. Tentatively planned topics include:

- The Best Drinks
- The Best Food Pt. 1
- The Best Food Pt. 2
- The Best Festivities/Rituals/Gameday Stories
- The Best Gadgets

Let's get started with the "Best Drinks" category.

I'm a beer guy myself if I'm even drinking just yet during Steelers' games. It's just too dang early to crack open a few cold ones at 10 am. That's one of several reasons why I prefer when the Steelers play in the late afternoon or in the evening. Thankfully, three of our next four are in prime time.

Until I moved to Seattle where there are only state-run liquor stores (at least for now; there's two ballot measures that would privatize sales up for vote next week), I would sometimes make Bloody Mary's. But I just haven't bought much liquor the last few years because it's just not convenient. I'll just turn the floor over to you all, but I will mention the key to a good bloody is not skimping on the tomato juice. Get 100% all natural stuff, not the crap loaded with lots of sugar. Worth the extra $3 per bottle for sure. 1 part vodka for every 5 parts juice, then load it up with pepper, tobasco and a few squeezes of lemon.

Your turn.

And oh yeah, for the next five Fridays, you get to are forced to watch a promotional spot featuring Marissa Miller.

Happy Friday! Check in with y'all from New Orleans this weekend.