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Pittsburgh Steelers Red Zone Efficiency, Week 4 Edition

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The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't exactly have their best offensive performance last Sunday during their 17-14 last-minute loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Too many penalties, among other things, halted drives, which in turn led to long field goal attempts that Jeff Reed was unable to convert. When the Steelers did breach the Ravens' redzone, they did just fine, scoring touchdowns on both trips inside the 20. To the numbers...

Week 4 Totals

RZ Trips: 2

Touchdowns: 2

TD Efficiency: 100 %

Field Goal Attempts/Makes: 0/0

FG Efficiency: --

Scoring Efficiency: --

Season Totals

RZ Trips:11


Field Goal Attempts/Makes: 7/7

TD Efficiency: 36.4 %

FG Efficiency: 100 %

Scoring Efficiency: 100 %