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NFL Stands for No Flag League When It Comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers


1.  When Michael Johnson yanked Ben Roethlisberger's facemask on Sunday, Referee Walt Coleman thought:

A)  Roethlisberger doesn't do TV commercials does he?  The league won't yell at me if I keep my flag in my pocket

B)  Is this the pretty boy who dates that model?  Naw, play on!

C)  Both of the above


2.  What was the difference between James Harrison's contact with Drew Brees and Dawan Landry's contact with Ben Roethlisberger right after each released a pass?

A)  Absolutely nothing

B)  "Roger loves Drew Brees"

C)  Both of the above
3.  If this helmet slap to Ben Roethlisberger was made to Peyton Manning instead, the result would be:

A)  Hey, no flag, Terrell just needed a hug

B)  Flag and $15,000 fine

C)  You're allowed to visit twice a month Mrs. Suggs, but take off your jewelry before you pass through the metal detector


4.  If Arthur Moats had played Twister with Drew Brees' legs well after the quarterback was down and the whistle had blown, the result would be:

A)  No flag, Moats was just trying to find the blue dot on the field

B)  Flag and $25,000 fine

C)  Moats would be sentenced to continue playing in Buffalo for 3-5 years with no chance of early release


5.  What was wrong with James Harrison's tackle of Jason Campbell?

A)  I have no idea. That has been a text book NFL tackle for 90 years

B)  Two words: "James Harrison"

C)  Both of the above


6.  If James Harrison makes a receiver into a Pez dispenser, identical to Heath Miller, the result would be:

A)  No flag, play on, oh wait, let's drag this body off the field first

B)  Flag and $40,000 fine

C)  Harrison would now be making New York license plates in Sing Sing


7.  If Haloti Ngata had whacked Tom Brady's nose to look like the 13th hole at Augusta, the result would be:

A)  No flag, the guy "was just trying to make a tackle" (Referee Terry McAuley)

B)  Flag and $15,000 fine

C)  Ngata's Hawaiian Punch (he's actually from Tonga) would have landed him at a Luau in which he would have been served as the main course