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Steelers Audio: Franco Harris In Studio on WFAN in New York

I encountered this 30 minute segment of Franco Harris in studio on WFAN in New York and thought I'd share. He's a well-spoken and interesting man, and his thoughts on the game - both past and present - are worth a listen. Harris began with the obligatory reflections on the Immaculate Reception, then followed that up with some commentary about the Steelers-Raiders rivalry of the '70s and how he prefers seeing a limited number of heavyweight teams rather than the diluted talent pool and 'parity' filled league that we see today. Harris then responds to the WFAN guys mentioning that they think the Steelers-Ravens rivalry is the best modern NFL rivalry. The conversation wasn't all fluff by any stretch of the imagination. Harris was even asked about his reputation as someone who 'always ran out of bounds'. All in all, good stuff from one of the true legends of Steeler Nation.

Franco Harris Interview with Joe & Evan on WFAN in NY