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James Farrior's Remarkable Durability and Productivity Since Joining the Steelers

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This week's installment of 'Who Powered Through' is dedicated to the most senior veteran on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, middle linebacker and defensive captain, James Farrior. Before talking about how Farrior has elevated his play in 2010 following a somewhat disappointing '09 campaign, let's first look at the remarkable longevity and durability Farrior has exhibited since joining the Steelers in 2002.

2002: 14 games/starts

2003: 16 games/starts

2004: 16 games/starts

2005: 14 games/starts

2006: 16 games/starts

2007: 16 games/starts

2008: 16 games/starts

2009: 16 games/starts

2010: 13 games/starts

Total: 137 games/starts out of a possible 141

That my friends is 'powering through.' Incredible. And it's not as if inside linebacker is a relatively contact-free position. In fact, it's one of the absolute most violent positions in the sport, a position that requires a relentless sacrifice of one's body. Farrior has played the game fast, hard and at a high level well into his 30s, and he's done so consistently without needing much time at all in-season to rest his body.

In '09, Farrior played all 16 games despite reportedly being banged up for much of the year. Not hurt enough to keep him out of the action, but enough where his performance was adversely affected. This year, Farrior seems to be closer to full strength, and it shows. He has four sacks, including three in his last four outings, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, and 93 total tackles. With just one half or one more sack, he'll set the second highest total of his career (6.5), and so long as he continues at the same pace he's set for most of his career, he'll again finish with an impressive tackle total likely behind only Lawrence Timmons for team best.

Congratulations to Potsie on one heckuva career in the black and gold. A true Steelers legend. Let's hope he's got even more good football left in him down the stretch and in the year(s) to come.

Go Steelers!