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Five Burning Questions: Short Week Edition

1)  The play where Mewelde got nailed for a safety, one missed blocking assignment prevented a very long run.  Don't know what the TV cameras showed, but live at the stadium it was clear sailing for a long gain.  If you complained about the play call, would you really have complained to the same degree if Jason Taylor doesn't make a great play and Moore gets 20 yards on that play?

2)  If the playoffs started now, the Patriots would be the one seed and the Steelers would be #2 in the AFC.  If that remains through the next two weeks, who would you like to see as the three-through-six seeds?

3)  Roughly, how many NFL teams have a worse #2-3 cornerback tandem than the Steelers?

4)  If you could have one current Steelers player come over to your house for dinner, no fanfare, media, neighbors or relatives, who would you most like to have a private dinner with?

5) How many coaches in the NFL are as classy, respectful of opponents, refusing to make excuses or claiming to "give games away" as Mike Tomlin?