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Steelers Vs. Panthers: BTSC Week 16 Gameday Thread (1st Half)

If you're just checking into the site for the first time in a few days, check out the most recent articles written by myself and others. There's RickVa's optimism-fueled post titled 'December Football'; Neal Coolong previewed tonight's game with his weekly Pregame Zone Blitz; and I chimed in with my thoughts on the Steelers and Panthers matchup.

The Stelers have already clinched a playoff berth, but there's still loads to play for this final two weeks. Two wins and the Steelers are AFC North champs and hosting a playoff game at Heinz in mid-January.

Here's to hoping the Steelers don't give us a scare tonight with a sloppy performance. If the Panthers play well and hang tough with Pittsburgh, well, that wouldn't necessarily be a huge surprise. Even the worst NFL teams can sting you on their best day. I'm just hoping for no injuries, no big plays allowed on defense, and a ground-oriented offensive attack that shortens the game and minimizes the chance of anything crazy happening.

Check in with you guys during the game right here. Go Steelers!