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Pittsburgh Steelers Red Zone Efficiency, Week 12 Edition

Obviously when you only put up 19 points in nearly 70 minutes of action, you're either failing to capitalize on red zone opportunities, or simply not getting inside the opponent's 20-yard line very often. The later was the case for the Pittsburgh Steelers during their 19-16 overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. Despite racking up 426 total yards of offense, the Steelers had just one red zone trip. It came on their very first offensive series in fact. Pittsburgh approached Buffalo's RZ on three other series, but were denied due to penalties, sacks and in one instance, a very good play by the Bills.

Let's take a look at the season totals after Week 12

Week 12 Totals vs. Buffalo Bills

RZ Trips:1

Touchdowns: 1

Field Goal Attempts/Makes: 0/0

Turnovers: 0

TD Efficiency: 100 %

FG Efficiency: ---

Scoring Efficiency: 100 %

2010 Season Totals

RZ Trips: 31

Touchdowns: 15

Field Goal Makes/Attempts: 13/14

Turnovers: 1

TD Efficiency: 48.4 %

FG Efficiency: 92.8 %

Scoring Efficiency: 90.3 %